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What is Between Brothers?




Who We Are

Adrian Stone

She doesn’t know everything. At this moment Adrian knew that if he wanted answers, he would have to look beyond his mum. And so his journey of self development began. Even when he didn’t know what philosophy, he was philosophising, and when he did find out he wanted to be one.

Never really enjoying the riggers of formal education, Adrian found solace in self education. Devouring knowledge from wherever he could, everything from Lao-Tzu to Steven Pressfield.

As Photographer, BJJ practitioner (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), and life long student, Adrian never misses the chance to ask a question and relate concepts. Between Brothers serves as another medium for him to do so. 

Sire Samuel

Patience, as we know, is the key to accomplishing anything in life. Raised in a Christian home, the book of Proverbs is where Samuel began his quest for knowledge.

Realising early you get what you put in, SireSamuel dedicated himself to his development. From seminars to books, Samuel consumed knowledge anyway he could. Finding guidance from the likes of Robert Greene and Zig Ziglar.

BetweenBrothers  gives Samuel the opportunity to express himself. Mastering the art of timing, knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say.




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