The Education System & Entrepreneurialism (Ft. Daniel Achempong)

As summer fast approaches many 3rd year students will be preparing for their final exams. Some will know what they want to do next, others won’t. But as many graduates will tell you, when you leave your course half the stuff they were made to write in essays never showed up in the workplace and employers never asked them about it. So what was the point?

The world continues to evolve at a blistering pace and the education system of today just can’t seem to keep up. Students are leaving university with debt and not enough work experience in their chosen field. 

On this week’s episode we sit down with motivational speaker Daniel Achempong for the ‘Talk 2 Dan’ to talk about the educational system, what he thinks is missing, and what advice he would give to those wanting to go from working for a company to working for themselves.

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